Facilitator Materials

Facilitation Materials (Appendix H)

This appendix offers supplementary materials to support the organization and preparation for formal application of the guidebook by a DOT.

Process Exploration

Explore the recommended process to apply this guidance. The facilitator is provided specific steps, underlying activities, and the resources necessary to effectively assess and improve their TAM data and information systems.
Explore the Process

Meeting Facilitation Materials

Proposed meeting agenda, participant engagement emails, meeting handouts, and other materials provide the facilitator with the tools necessary to execute the process. These supplemental materials are available in Excel and PDF format, organized by meeting, for easy reference and distribution.
Download the Assessment Element Selection Matrix
Download the Participant Engagement Materials
Download the Kickoff Materials
Download the Self-Assessment and Improvement Identification Materials
Download the Improvement Evaluation Materials
Download the Action Planning and Assessment Summary Materials

Practical Implementation Tips