Process Exploration

Process Exploration
Identify, evaluate, and execute improvements across each of the data life-cycle areas using the six steps outlined below. These steps contain useful resources from Appendix H and relevant information from the guidebook chapters.

Selecting a Focus

The objective of the improvement process should be mindfully defined, and the project team must be engaged.

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Assessment Planning

The project sponsor and assessment facilitator should work together to schedule the self assessment meeting and ensure the participants are appropriately prepared for the benchmarking and improvement selection process.

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Benchmarking and Improvement Selection

The team should work together to use the guidance to appropriately benchmark their current and desired performance in the focus area or asset and use the benchmark to select pertitinant improvements to reach desired performance levels.

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Improvement Evaluation

The team should complete the improvement evaluation activities by prioritizing improvements and documenting improvement challenges and priority.

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Summarizing and Communicating Results

After completing the guidance assessment process, the project sponsor should work with the team to engage executives with prepared summary materials to garner support for implementation priorities.

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Implementation and Implementation Resources

When the implementation team encounters organizational roadblocks, the project sponsor should refer to the case study materials and organizational practices and challenges sections to help overcome institutional barriers and resistance.

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