Welcome to the AASHTO TAM Data Guide

Data and Information Systems for Transportation Asset Management

Is your agency effectively using data and information to support its transportation asset management (TAM) program? The NCHRP 08-115 Guidebook provides a structured approach to assess current practices and improve use of data and information for TAM. Explore and apply this guidance through this website and the companion TAM Data Assistant digital application.

Chapter Exploration

Navigate the site chapter-by-chapter, exploring all of the figures and charts present in the final draft guidebook. Or download the guidebook by chapter for your own perusal.

Framework Exploration

Explore the five areas of the data life-cycle: Specify and Standardize Data; Collect Data; Store, Integrate and Access Data; Analyze Data; and Act on Data.

Process Exploration

Follow along with the detailed step-by-step process for the self-assessment of data and information systems and the implementation of improvements.

AASHTO TAM Data Assistant

Evaluate the current and desired state of agency practice, select from potential improvements to close gaps, and analyze, prioritize, communicate and support implementation of selected improvements to move the agency TAM program to the desired state.

Full Guidebook Download

If navigating a website is not your thing, use this link to download the complete PDF version of the guidebook.