Data Collection Quality Management Plan Implementation

Data Collection Quality Management Plan Implementation

The Colorado DOT (CDOT) developed a Quality Management Program (QMP) document in response to federal requirements. This document reports processes performed by CDOT and by the data collection contractor to address the quality of all data reported to the FHWA’s Highway Performance Monitoring System (HPMS).

The QMP ensures collected pavement condition data is reliable, accurate, complete, and reasonable.

Area: Collect Data
Subarea: Inventory condition and performance (B.1)
Element: Quality (B.1.c, B.2.c, B.3.c)

Step 1: Defining Information Flow

CDOT documented the information flow from raw data collection through submittal to the FHWA HPMS. They created a flowchart to visually represent the information flow and to support user understanding. They then documented the technical components of the collection program (Steps 2a-2d).

Step 2a: Standards and Protocols

CDOT documented the standards and protocols for collection and characterization of the Federal pavement condition metrics as well as other data elements collected for state pavement management purposes.

Step 2b: Training and Certification

CDOT documented the training and certification of all personnel involved in the production of data, including field data collection, data processing, and manual distress rating.

Step 2c: Collection Equipment

CDOT documented calibration procedures and quality checks conducted on data collection equipment before and during collection.

Step 2d: Collected Data

Quality checks applied Federal metrics and individual data elements and associated procedures were documented.

Step 3: Staff Accountability

As a final step, CDOT required signatures of all designated staff acknowledging acceptance and accountability for adherence to the plan.

Value Delivered

Compliance with FHWA standards


Executive endorsement


Data collection equipment, Data quality control and sampling


Cross-functional teams & training; Central office, field, and support staff; External collection contractor


Governance, Impact to field collection staff workflows and processes, Data issues were exposed requiring new quality control practices

Colorado DOT: Pavement Data Quality Management Plan
A flowchart of CDOT Pavement Data QMP provides users an overall view of data flow and interdependencies.
Data certification thresholds are a critical component of the pavement data QMP and set the standards for internal and external collection requirements.
Pavement Data QMP allows for higher accuracy life cycle forecasting to support funding requests.