Mobile Field Data Collection Implementation

Mobile Field Data Collection Implementation

Virginia DOT (VDOT) embarked on an asset management system replacement project in 2016. Among other needs, VDOT sought to support field collection of asset information, work orders, inspections, and work accomplishments.

Full procurement and implementation of a commercial off the shelf solution took approximately 3 years, but their new Highway Maintenance Management System (HMMS) was implemented statewide and across multiple departments.

With the system in place, VDOT began capturing field maintenance information in a standardized manner and using this information to better understand and communicate how much money was being spent on maintenance activities and the results that are being achieved.

Area: Collect Data
Subarea: Inventory, Condition, and Performance Collection (B.1), Project Information (B.2), Maintenance Information (B.3)
Element: Quality (B.1.c, B.2.c, B.3.c)

Step 1: Standard Work and Life-Cycle Definitions

VDOT defined what would and would not qualify as work accomplishments. They also defined how to record these accomplishments to accurately capture desired performance metrics.

Step 2: Assign Work and Budget

VDOT assessed the quantities of each asset and used life-cycle assumptions to determine how much maintenance work (and budget) to assign to each category per year.

Step 3: Track Work in Real Time

VDOT Maintenance Division devised an approach to incorporate HMMS data entry of work “accomplishments” into routine field business practices to support real time tracking.

Step 4: Engage Stakeholders

To engage stakeholders and manage change, VDOT prepared guidance documents and job aids for data entry protocols and metric quantification methodology. VDOT also instituted monthly performance reporting.

Value Delivered

Compliance with FHWA standards


Executive endorsement and vision from onset


Knowledge of tools and software to support required configurations for data requirements


Feedback from local offices to central office, Central office, field, and support staff


New tools and processes required of field staff, Lack of awareness of statewide needs and uses for work accomplishment data

Virginia DOT: Mobile Field Data Collection Implementation Example

GPS enabled mobile devices and map-based tools support efficient collection of maintenance work accomplishment information in the field. Use of pick lists and other standardized data entry support analysis and reporting of statewide performance measures.