B.3 Maintenance Information

B.3 – Maintenance Information

Digital Work Order Data Collection

Field maintenance forces have a unique opportunity to capture needed asset information while on-site.  Traditionally, DOT maintenance programs have been delivered through manual (often pen and paper) business processes. Converting to a digital work order process or a Computerized Maintenance Management System can bring uniformity and efficiencies to these tasks. It also supports development of a useful, comprehensive work history.

Mobile Data Collection

Mobile data collection devices and applications significantly improves the quality of field collected information.  These tools offer simplified data collection and share valuable reference information.  Built in GPS and GIS capabilities support accurate location against aerial imagery or custom base maps. Field maintenance information can also be directly collected against the asset inventory.

Work Order Automation

Automation of the service request to work order process dramatically streamlines maintenance business processes.  As an additional benefit, these techniques improve the accuracy and efficiency of work accomplishment data collection.

More conceptual examples are provided on the following page.

Important Terminology

The following terms are used within this Section.

Computer Maintenance Management System:

Computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) is software that manages an organization's maintenance operations.

Routine Maintenance:

Routine maintenance are maintenance tasks that are planned in advance. These can be recurring or one-off scheduled preventative care.

Service Request:

Assets requiring repair due to damage or wear are identified via a service request. These requests can originate from inside or outside an agency.

Work Order:

Work orders are authorized maintenance tasks. These can result from approved service requests or via planned preventative or routine maintenance schedules.

Conceptual Examples
Work Order Management Software
Work Association with Asset and Organizational Structures

Transforming traditional maintenance programs to a centralized Computerized Maintenance Management System will allow association of maintenance work accomplishments with organizational, work, and asset hierarchy.

Automated Work Ordering

A simple example of work order automation is through the use of scheduling tools to generate recurring work orders for routine maintenance activities.